Our company is a manufacturer of home décor merchandise. The current product line consists of Decorative Pillows, Bedding, Curtains and Tablecloths. We have the unique ability to create custom fabric prints in relatively small quantities. The efficiency and flexibility of our production facility in Valencia, SPAIN, allows us to continually offer new products, work with the design trade on private label services, and expand our roster of collegiate and brand licenses. Talk to us, we can create amazing designs for you using fabric.


An integral ingredient in realizing success at DREAM & FUN™ Home Décor is our collective passion for our brands. We are ideally an innovative-minded group. Our duty is to be engaged in the various phases of concept, design, manufacturing, marketing, packaging, sales promotion, and advertising to deliver a quality product.

Any entity with which we conduct business has to exercise the values of integrity, respect, teamwork, accountability, quality, competition and winning. Communicating those principles is paramount. Our principals monitor the working conditions at any company with which we conduct business. We believe it to be our responsibility, to visit facilities regularly, whether in the United States or internationally, as an overall strategy to maintain brand strength.

In the end, it is always about you, the consumer and/or client. Our ultimate goal is to move you to the point of wow and push your impulses over the cliff.Prosperity can only come from your happiness with our company, regardless of our will to succeed.